Board News

CASA EX60/20

Provisions for Specialist Maintenance performed by Class D approved Maintenance Organisations can be accessed via this exemption. For more information see the CASA websiteCASA EX60/20, and Specialist Maintenance  Principle.

NANDTB Elections

New 2022-2024 Board announced

See Board member page for industry representatives

New Board members are always encouraged,

Proposed Meetings 2022

  1. 03/Mar/2022 in Sydney (or teleconference due travel restrictions)
  2. 07/Apr/2022 Teleconference to announce the new Board
  3. 08/Jul/2022 (includes AGM) in Person at South Sydney Graphic Arts Club (09:30 to 3pm)
  4. 04/Nov/2022

Non-Destructive Testing Around the World: