The Aerospace NDT Board publishes a number of documents for use and review by the NDT community and the general public. These are mostly internal documents which detail how the Board is structured and how it conducts its business. The Board believes that transparency in all its operations is an underpinning principle which, along with recognition by CASA gives it legitimacy.

NANDTB Management System

Proc. No. Procedure DescriptionRevision statusEffective dateNo. of pages
NA-001Identity and RecognitionRev 9Jun/192
NA-002Organisation ChartWithdrawn
NA-003MembershipRev 13Jun/197
NA-004Rules of GovernanceRev 7Jun/192
NA-005 MeetingsRev 9Mar/193
NA-006Grievance resolutionRev 3Jun/191
NA-007 Role of NANDTB with respect to AS3669Withdrawn
NA-008Electoral procedure to appoint Board MembersRev 4Jul/161
NA-009 Information and communicationRev 7Jul/162
NA-010 Board Members AgreementWithdrawn
NA-011 Model Written PracticeWithdrawn
NA-012 Recognition of Outside agenciesWithdrawn
NA-013Requirements for control of examinationsRev 9Oct/238
NA-014 Assessment of employer written practiceWithdrawn
NA-015FinanceRev 4Jun/194
NA-016 Mutual recognition of NANDTB’sWithdrawn
NA-017Audit and MonitoringRev 2Jun/194
NA-018 Invitation to GuestsWithdrawn
NA-019Level 3 recognition for AS3669Rev 10Apr/1816
NA-020Recognition of NDT Technician TrainingRev 4Aug/162
NA-021Recognition of NDT Technician QualificationsRev 5Apr/202
NA-022 Evaluation of In-house NDT training and assessmentWithdrawn
NA-023Risk AssessmentRev 0Aug/162
NA-023-appendix-1Risk ChecklistRev 0Aug/163
NA-024Level 3 recognition for EN4179
Rev 0Jun/1915
NA-024 GuidanceVerifiable tasks guidelinesRev 0Oct/195
CAO 100.27 applicant GuidanceGuidlelines for CAO100,27 MA applicant assessmentRev 0Mar/235
NA-025Document AssessmentRev 0Feb/172