Since the Board’s formation in 2006 it has had formal recognition from the Civil Aviation Regulator CASA, in regard to its role in the NDT qualification standard AS 3669. In April 2011 an agreement was signed by Peter Boyd Executive Manager, Standards Division signed on behalf of CASA, and Colin Hockings the NANDTB secretary signed on behalf of the Board.

Peter stated that the Deed of Agreement was important and a milestone, especially with regard to the introduction of the new Part 145 Regulation for aircraft maintenance organisations, and the NDT training and qualification aspects described in it. He stressed the importance of the Board’s international recognition and reputation and urged it to maintain these relationships and credentials. Peter said that CASA is pleased to now have access to the expertise of the Board through a formal agreement.

New CASA Regulations

The new CASA Regulations which came into law in Late June 2011are formulated on the EASA model, which are more outcome based. The EASA approach to regulation was considered more relevant than other models because they were newer and not formulated from dated material or ideas. The Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) for Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisations (AMO) states that an AMO doing NDT is to appoint a Level 3 with qualifications and experience recognised by the Board. It further states that the standard for training and qualification for certifying NDT personnel is to be AS3669 or a standard recognised by the Board.

The enactment of the new Regulations has commenced a transition period for the aviation industry, during which the Board will provide guidance to employers who need to adapt or introduce systems and procedures to ensure compliance. The Board’s relationship with CASA has always been good and should strengthen into the future as the new Regulations take effect.