This page articulates the requirements set out by the EF for National Aerospace NDT Boards, and how the Australian NANDTB meets these requirements.
The NANDTB of Australia recommends the use of EN4179-2019 (current version)
a full List Forum on Aerospace Publications can be found on ANDTBF document store.
ANDTBF/02(Forum Members)
ANDTBF/06 (Training Syllabus)
It should be noted at this time there are no NANDTB recognised training and examination agencies in Australia.
At this time only examinations supplied from recognised NDT Level 3’s are reviewed in accordance with the Procedure NA-013
ANDTBF/08 (Organisation, Duties and responsibilities). and are shown on this website.
ANDTBF/10 (General Knowledge of other methods) Note this is covered in the Procedure NA-013
ANDTBF/12 (Annual Proficiency Assessments) are controlled by employer written practice
ANDTF/14 (Audit Criteria for Auditing NANDTB’s)
NANDTB of Australia Audits
Audits are carried out in accordance with the requirements of ANDTF/14