There are a range of NDT syllabus for each of the main NDT methods.   Teaching institutions, certification bodies and other organisations will have a comprehensive list of topics which, when completed, establish an acceptable standard of theory training for NDT technicians. The NANDTB recognises that there are a variety of sources for this information, each of which will be suitable for training aerospace NDT technicians.

In the Australian context, and in the application of the Australian Standard AS3669 for the qualification of aerospace NDT technicians the Board is developing NDT theory training syllabus which it believes will be suitable for Australian aerospace NDT. Once finalised they will be shown on this web site and available for download to assist those developing training courses. Other specialist training may be required by employers and the NANDTB can offer guidance on request.

Employers should also note that the information here relates to theory training for the main NDT methods. To be an effective and competent NDT technician in the aerospace industry, a sound understanding of aircraft structures, fabrication and failure modes is required as well as competence in the application of the employer’s inspection equipment, and knowledge of the relevant safety precautions is required. Therefore an employer should not rely on the completion of theory training alone as a measure of a technician’s ability to competently operate within the organsiation. The NANDTB can be contacted for guidance on NDT training and the application of AS3669.